Adobe Flash No Longer Required!! Our award-winning discriminatory and sexual harassment training courses are now delivered in HTML5. Why is this great news? Because now the training can be taken on iPads, tablets, and mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops. Click below for a lot more info.

Award Winning Training Programs

Customized, innovative and engaging elearning solutions that focus on workplace issues.
Compliance Tracking

Content is an important component of the training, but so is tracking of employee completion of the training. HRTrain’s Compliance Tracking Tool makes tracking training progress and completion easy.


The training is customized to include your organization’s branding, policies and message. We can also build your organization’s training into online courses, complete with hosting and compliance tracking.

Legal Expertise

The training material is developed by employment attorneys and subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about both the federal and specific state requirements.

Comprehensive Training

A full suite of elearning courses to meet your organization’s human resources and compliance training requirements.

Our Award Winning Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Training can help reduce incidents of harassment in your workplace and take advantage of the various affirmative defenses that are available in discrimination cases. Is your organization providing effective harassment prevention training? Take the Quiz!

The HR Train Advantage

Does your harassment training pass this test?
HR Train Offers

Your organization’s online Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Training should hit 100% in all of these categories. If it doesn’t, you should contact HRTrain to learn more about our workplace training solutions.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Ensure that all employees certify that they have read and understand your organization's harassment policy.

  • Customization

    Include a message from a member of upper management about the organization's commitment to enforcing the anti-harassment policy.

  • Realistic Scenarios

    Include realistic and relevant workplace scenarios that are designed to get employees to think about their actions.

  • Legal Approval

    Meet the approval of a team of employment attorneys.

Training Packages

We have a variety of ways to access your training.

Individual Training

Purchase training for an individual employee

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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Individual Access
  • Access for 1 Year
  • Customization Not Available
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Standard Access

Select specific training for your organization

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  • Compliance Tracking Tool
  • Customization
  • Access for 1 Year
  • Price per Learner
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Subscription Access

Access to HRTrain’s full course library

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  • Compliance Tracking Tool
  • Customization
  • Flexibility
  • Most Cost Effective Option
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*The internet search engines have mandated that we refer to our main training product as "Sexual Harassment Training," and not Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, as we prefer to call it. We like to put the emphasis on Prevention, as we are not training anyone on how to harass, but we know that in order for you to have been able to find us, we must utilize the most popular search engine search terms.