Harassment Prevention Training - Scenario Types

Below is a chart of all of the different types of classes and behaviors protected by federal statutes, and in some instances, specific states regulations, listed in alphabetical order with the respective scenarios. To learn more, you can follow the "Watch" link to view these scenarios directly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or by phone at 1-888-478-7246.


Abusive Conduct

Age Discrimination

Biased Statements

Complaints Must be Taken Seriously

Constructive Discharge

Differences Between Sexual and Non-Sexual Conduct

Disability Discrimination

Gender Harassment

Gender Identity Discrimination

Non-Employees Creating Unlawful Hostile Work Environment

Non-Employees Experiencing Unlawful Hostile Work Environment

Outside Work-Related Functions

Proper Documentation

Quid Pro Quo

Racial Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Same Gender Sexual Harassment

Schools/Title IX Environment

Sexual Harassment

Unlawful Discriminatory Harassment based on Sexual Orientation

Unlawful Hostile Work Environment

Unlawful Retaliation

Unwelcome Conduct

Workplace Communications Compliance with Anti-Harassment Policies

Woman Harassing a Man

Workplace Decisions on Non-Discriminatory Factors