HRTrain Compliance Tracking Tool

HRTrain's Compliance Tracking Tool ("CTT") gives your organization access to a password-protected website that allows you to access information about the learners that have been launched for training. The CTT allows you to run reports in real-time to see who has completed training, monitor progress, view start and completion dates, and access other useful information. All CTT reports can be formatted into Excel or Comma Delimited files, which can then be uploaded into HRIS systems.

The CTT handles reporting capabilities as well as everything from granting access to course completion data to emailing employees to inform them, and remind them, about training requirements.

Using the "CTT" you can:

HRTrain's CTT will be able to handle all of your compliance tracking requirements. It is straight-forward, user-friendly and we will be happy to give you a preview. Please feel free to contact us for more details or to set up a time to preview the CTT.

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