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Our Courses

Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Prevention

HRTrain's discriminatory and sexual harassment prevention training solutions can help your organization reduce the amount of discriminatory harassment in the workplace as well as take advantage of the various affirmative defenses that are available in discrimination and sexual harassment cases. HRTrain's online discriminatory and sexual harassment training solutions can also help bring your organization into compliance with state laws.

Undo Bias, Act Consciously

We all have deep-rooted ways of thinking based on experiences and past history, which creates Unconscious Biases. However, it is important that organizations help employees fight against bias in order to create work environments that support and encourage the differences in people. Unconscious bias can influence our work experiences and interactions, from hiring to performance reviews to promotions, as well as organizational culture.

Strategies for Preventing Violence in the Workplace

We are all aware that Workplace Violence is on the rise and employees are alarmed. This course uses realistic scenarios and a common sense approach to help users understand what constitutes workplace violence. By training employees to understand more about these potentially dangerous situations, you may enable them to help prevent them from occurring.

Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect

This online diversity training course, which was developed to encourage employees to think about their own personality style, provides guidelines and action words to open doors and contains an interactive tool to help employees deal with co-workers who "drive them crazy." The course will help improve your organization's bottom line by dissolving communication barriers and organizational bottlenecks and encouraging employees to be more respectful of each other.

EEO Basics: What Supervisors Need to Know

In a whodunit format, supervisors will be presented with complaints, evidence and information about the federal EEO laws and decide who will win or lose the case. The course will provide feedback about each verdict. Supervisors will learn to think more before they act by being shown how their actions may impact the outcome of a lawsuit.

Perspectives On Workplace Ethics: What You Need to Know

What is the best solution to get employees to think about doing the right thing? Workplace Ethics training that is cost-effective, engaging, and straightforward. Do your employees really need to be trained on workplace ethics? Yes! Failing to train your employees about workplace ethics increases your vulnerability to lawsuits, increases the likelihood of damaging publicity and may cause your organization to fall out of compliance with statutory requirements.

Think Before You Send: A Practical Guide to Email in the Workplace

Are you doing enough email risk training? Can you improve your corporate governance of e-communication? Are your employees creating liability for your organization by sending inappropriate emails? Is your organization doing enough to protect itself from becoming the next victim of email carelessness? Electronic Discovery is the biggest development in corporate litigation in decades. Email surveillance products can now easily scan millions of emails, including their attachments, to gather ammunition in a court battle.

Conflict Resolution

How often has your organization lost a valuable employee because of personality or interpersonal conflicts? Co-workers often do things that drive us crazy: Why did my boss micromanage me? Why didn't John double check his work? Why did Claire yell at Tom? Why won't Bill get back to me? No one is perfect. We need to understand that co-workers have different personality styles and how those styles impact the ability to work together.

Managing Problem Employees

Tensions between supervisors and employees can mean the difference between a wildly successful organization and a dysfunctional one. Organizations sink or swim based on teamwork - and one problem employee can cause major headaches. Compounding the problem is the fact that most supervisors feel paralyzed when faced with a problem employee.

What You Need to Know About HIPAA: The Privacy Rule

This course is designed to train your employees about HIPAA's privacy rule and to reinforce your policies. The course outlines the roles and responsibilities for both management and employees and educates staff about their individual responsibilities for maintaining HIPAA Compliance while highlighting the possible consequences of non-compliance with privacy policies/procedures.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

The likelihood of substance abuse being present in the workplace may be higher than you think and it can impact more than just the individual. In fact, 10-20% of American workers who die at work have a positive result when tested for drugs or alcohol. This translates to extra work, longer hours, higher health care costs, and even damage to an organization's reputation.