Online Training that Focuses
on Human Resources' Needs


Course Creation & Delivery

Have training content that you'd like to convert into an online training course?

We can do both! Convert it and host it!

We can easily take your content in any form, Powerpoint, Word, Google Docs, (anything!), and easily convert that content into an online training program you can then provide to your staff and employees. In addition, with your training course running on our system, you can:

  • Track progress & completed bookmarked sections.
  • Send emails about participation requirements.
  • Run reports.
  • Track completion.

The HRTrain Course Creation Platform

Course Creation Platform Screenshot Number 1
Course Creation Platform Screenshot  Number 2

Over the years we have built many courses and as such, we have essentially created several course templates for the building of online training. You can provide us the content in any way. The courses can contain text, graphics, audio, closed captioning (which the employee can turn on or off) all timed together. The course will contain a Table of Contents section that can be adjusted to however you like. Each page could be it's own Table of Contents section, or pages of your Powerpoint or Word doc can be divided into sections where similar content can be grouped together. You won't even have to make this determination if you don't want to. We can do that for you, get your approval, make any adjustments you would like and then build the course.

We are all about working with you to design the structure of the course and then building it for your approval!

The bookmarking of the course can coincide with every single page of your Powerpoint or Word document. So that, if someone was to get halfway through the course, leave and return, they will be able to continue right where they left off. Or they can restart from the beginning or any previous page if they wish to do so. Of course, they can also always go back and forth to any completed sections at any time.

The course will run on HRTrain's Complaince Tracking Tool and will be able to handle all of your compliance tracking needs. It is straight-forward, user-friendly and we will be happy to give you a preview.

Please contact Rena Cohen Kozin for more details regarding this course creation or for a demo of our Compliance Tracking Tool - 1-888-HR-TRAIN x 407