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HRTrain offers a variety of online training courses to suit your Human Resources needs. All of our courses are customized to your organization.

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Discriminatory Harassment Prevention

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What Supervisors Need to Know About Discriminatory Harassment

This award wining course uses realistic workplace scenarios and interactive instructional design to sensitize employees to the issues surrounding workplace discriminatory harassment. The course is designed to train supervisors to identify potential problems related to discriminatory harassment and reinforces the importance of following your organization's discriminatory harassment prevention policy.

Versions are available to help your organization meet California, Maine and Connecticut sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Discriminatory Harassment

Employees are trained in the issues surrounding discriminatory harassment as they move through realistic scenarios and use interactive e-mail and memos to decide how the organization should proceed. Standard customization includes your organization's policy and a message from your president or other highly placed member of management.

HRTrain's sexual harassment prevention training solutions have been authored by employment attorneys who have worked with HRTrain since 1996.

Managing Problem Employees

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Tensions between supervisors and employees can mean the difference between a wildly successful organization and a dysfunctional one. Organizations sink or swim based on teamwork - and one problem employee can cause major headaches. Give your supervisors the knowledge they need to manage a productive workforce.

Think Before You Send: A Practical Guide to E-mail in the Workplace

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This course is designed to reduce e-mail risk by encouraging employees to think carefully before sending e-mails, explaining how e-mails can come back to either haunt you or help defend you, and emphasizing the need to keep a professional tone to your organization's e-mail.

Perspectives On Workplace Ethics: What You Need to Know

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How can you be sure that your employees will know what to do when confronted with a workplace ethical dilemma? Will they even recognize that an ethical issue is present? This course is designed to train your employees to recognize ethical issues in the workplace and reinforce your organization's Code of Ethics.

Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect

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Diversity in the workplace can support or destroy your employees' ability to function in the workplace. This course addresses the traditional concepts of diversity as well as the potential issues raised by conflicting personality styles in order to reduce workplace conflicts and potential lawsuits.

EEO Basics: What Supervisors Need to Know

EEO Basics Training Screenshot

Your supervisors will learn the EEO basics in a unique, interactive and engaging format. As users move through the course, they learn EEO fundamentals as they review an EEO complaint, sift through evidence, and decide who "wins the case". This course stresses the need to document workplace issues to help defend potential lawsuits.

Conflict Resolution

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Despite the fact that workplace conflicts can greatly impact productivity, employers often fail to train employees on how to work together. This course is designed to give even the most recalcitrant employee something to think about and offers guidance on decreasing workplace conflicts.

What You Need to Know About Workplace Violence

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What can you do to help keep your workplace environment safe? This course educates employees in the issues surrounding workplace violence through realistic workplace scenarios. The training is designed to reinforce recognition of warning signs as well as explore possible responses.

What You Need to Know About HIPAA: The Privacy Rule

HIPAA Training Screenshot

Have you trained your employees to protect personal health information? This course is designed to train your employees about HIPAA's privacy rule and to reinforce your policies.