Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Training Available in HTML5

Our Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Training has been restructured to be delivered through HTML5, the standard, modern HTML format supported by all major browsers.

HRTrain has been around now for nearly 20 years. Visit here for some more detailed information on the history of HRTrain. Our discriminatory and sexual harassment training has always been delivered using realistic workplace scenarios in an interactive instructional design model to sensitize supervisors and employees to the issues surrounding workplace sexual and discriminatory harassment.

However, it is now delivered in HTML5! Previously, the training was built requiring the use of the Adobe Flash player. Previously, this was the best way to deliver interactive content on the web. Rather than delivering content statically or with videos that would require all workplace computers to have a variety of plug-ins, delivering the course through Flash was undoubtedly the software to utilize at that time. It was estimated that the Adobe (back then it was owned by Macromedia) Flash player was installed on over 98% of all browsers. From our standpoint, this was great for the delivery of all of our content. It allowed for great animations and interactivity, video and audio, and was installed on the large majority of all browsers...

But then, the big change happened. Apple first released the iPhone back in June of 2007 and while it really was ahead of its time, it did not support the Adobe Flash player. While the impression was that eventually the iPhone would implement support for the Adobe Flash player, time went on... ...the iPhone 3G was released in 2008, and then the 3GS in June 2009, yet still no support for the Adobe Flash player. Apple's iPad was released in April of 2010, and that too had no support for the Flash player. Also in April 2010, Steve Jobs published his "Thoughts on Flash" explaining why Apple would not allow Flash on its mobile devices. His main points were in regards to its reliability, security, performance, and the big one, battery life. You can read the official statement from Steve Jobs here.

And it turns out, he was pretty much right. That was the beginning of the end for the Adobe Flash Player. At the time, it was still our viewpoint that it was not too big of a deal. We wrongly assumed that everyone wanted to take our courses while at work on their main office computer. Right? Well, we've now come a long way. Life is fast, people are on the go, and are always valuing their time at work and at home. Now with HTML5 and through JavaScript & CSS, content from any site can easily be delivered through HTML and still contain animations, interactivity, and video and audio support, all without the need for any plug-ins of any kind.

So what does this mean for you?

This means that our award-winning online harassment prevention training course can be taken anywhere, on any device, at any time.

The Situations

Someone employed there begins taking the course at 4:45pm, but would like to continue completing it, even though the day has ended?

They can continue the course on their smartphone while on the train ride home.

They commute via a car?

They can instead take it on their tablet or iPad while at home.

Still didn't finish?

Come back to the office the next day and continue from right where you left off!

So that's it. We are proud that the delivery of our discriminatory and sexual harasssment training course is now viewable through any device that has a browser and an internet connection. It is a great solution for those that, due to their schedule, can only take it in segments. We are currently in the process of reformatting the balance of our courses in the library to HTML5. For more information, please feel free to contact us, or continue to learn more through the links below.

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What Supervisors Need to Know About Discriminatory Harassment

This award winning discriminatory and sexual harassment training uses realistic workplace scenarios and interactive instructional design to sensitize supervisors to the issues surrounding workplace sexual and discriminatory harassment. The course is designed to train supervisors to identify potential problems related to discriminatory harassment and reinforces the importance of following your organization's discriminatory harassment prevention policy.