Standard Sexual Harassment Training Scenarios (Supervisor Version)

1) The Outside Harasser


An important client's attentions make Jane uncomfortable at work.

This scenario covers issues such as whether a non-employee can create sexual harassment in the workplace and the employer's obligation to maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment.

2) Turnabout Isn't Fair Play


Ben complains that his supervisor, Cecile, offered to get him a better raise if he would go to her hotel room.

This scenario discusses issues involving hostile environment harassment, constructive discharge and unlawful retaliation.

3) The Touchy Supervisor


Tony's friendly behavior makes one of the employees he supervises uncomfortable.

This scenario discusses the differences between sexual and non-sexual conduct with respect to sexual harassment and reinforces the prohibition against unlawful retaliation.

4) Power Trips


Scott believes that because he is a senior executive he is not covered by the harassment prevention policy as long as he treats everyone the same.

This scenario emphasizes that all employees are covered by the prohibitions against sexual harassment, regardless of how highly placed they may be within an organization. It also discusses that when specific behaviors may not constitute sexual harassment, such conduct may constitute abusive conduct.

5) Women Harassing a Man


Was Ted a victim of sexual harassment?

This scenario reinforces that both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment and discusses the distinction between sexual and non-sexual conduct with respect to sexual harassment.

6) Pam's Date


Pam believes she was discriminated against after she brought her date, Linda, to an organization function.

This scenario discusses unlawful discriminatory harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.

7) Dinner With the Boss


This scenario discusses the differences between conduct with/without sexual content and dealing with "sensitive employees" who may find behavior inappropriate even if it does not involve unlawful content.

8) Freida's Complaint


Co-workers harass Fred after he begins the process of gender reassignment.

This scenario discusses gender identity discrimination.

9) An Ugly Day


Joe is having problems getting along with his co-workers.

This scenario explores other types of unlawful conduct in the workplace such as harassment based upon disability, age, and race.

10) Bonus Blackmail


Adam offers to give Wayne a bonus if he will agree to date him.

This scenario discusses same gender sexual harassment.