Top 10 Reasons To Train Online With HRTrain

  1. Easily access proof of training course status and completion

    HRTrain's Compliance Tracking Tool ("CTT") gives your organization access to a password-protected website that allows you to access information about the employees that have been launched for training. The CTT allows you to run reports in real-time to see who has completed training, monitor progress, view start and completion dates, and access other useful information. The CTT handles reporting capabilities as well as everything from granting access to course completion data to emailing employees to inform them, and remind them, about training requirements.

  2. More engaging than live training. Employees have to focus on the training in order to complete the training. They can't go out to lunch and come back to a completed training!

    Our courses require everyone to answer questions in various formats as well as click to continue. This makes the content more interactive and engaging than a classroom/seminar-style training format.

  3. Less disruptive than seminar and classroom style training. You don't have to disrupt workday operations to train a large number of employees simultaneously.

    Classroom and seminar style training environments require a disruptive time out in day to day operations as all or many employees must take the training at the same time. Our training allows for employees to take the training at their own pace and when they have time during their workday. Additionally, all of our courses bookmark the sections of the training they have completed, allowing them to continue working on the training where they last left off.

  4. Far less costly than "live" training.

    Live instructor lead sessions can lead to a higher cost. Our training is available to all new hires, promotions, bi-annual training requirements, etc. at all times. Employees cannot "miss" HRTrain's online training. Our training is delivered on a more cost-effective basis.

  5. Sends a consistent message to your employees.

    Having individual instructor-led training sessions can send inconsistent messages on certain aspects of training. Classroom-style video training can sometimes do the same as well. Online training send the same message to all employees.

  6. Provides an opportunity to let employees see and hear from senior management on important workplace issues.

    Our training courses contain a message from senior management endorsing the importance of the training.

  7. Accommodates organizations with multiple locations, remote employees, and employees who travel frequently.

    Having access to the training whenever and wherever an employee is located is the most effective way to deliver training as it provides a way for an employee to take the training easily.

  8. Accounts for different proven adult learning styles with expert legal and HR subject matter experts.

    Our award winning training is developed with subject matter experts on proven adult learning principles.

  9. Gives your employment attorneys an opportunity to review and revise the training.

    Your employment attorneys can review the training, and if desired, changes and updates can be made to make the course more relevant to your organization.

  10. Bored with seminar style training over employment issues. (Or worse, they make a joke of old-style training.)

    For all of the reasons mentioned above, HRTrain's online training is the best way to train your employees!

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