Conflict Resolution

How often has your organization lost a valuable employee because of personality or interpersonal conflicts?

Co-workers often do things that drive us crazy:

  • Why did my boss micromanage me?
  • Why didn't John double check his work?
  • Why did Claire yell at Tom?
  • Why won't Bill get back to me?

No one is perfect. We need to understand that co-workers have different personality styles and how those styles impact the ability to work together.

Your employees' ability to resolve conflicts and communicate well can make or break your organization.

Personality conflicts are likely the major reason for the explosion of employment litigation in the past decade. Giving your employees the knowledge to help them resolve conflicts and get along with their co-workers is imperative.

This course gathers information about your employees and provides specific advice to the individual employee about conflict resolution and personality styles.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes

This course will provide action plans to assist employees with conflict resolution skills based on their personality styles and approach to conflict. It is like having a virtual job coach.