EEO Basics: What Supervisors Need to Know

In a whodunit format, supervisors will be presented with complaints, evidence and information about the federal EEO laws and decide who will win or lose the case. The course will provide feedback about each verdict. Supervisors will learn to think more before they act by being shown how their actions may impact the outcome of a lawsuit.

This training program contains special sections on interviewing, leaves of absence, discipline and evaluations.

How will it be perceived when you want to fire an employee who has received glowing evaluations for 5 years?

The time to prevent a lawsuit is before it even begins. Recognizing the importance of preventing the creation of lawsuits, HRTrain's EEO Basics: What Supervisors Need to Know, trains supervisors to recognize the obligation they have as the eyes and ears of your organization and sensitizes them to the tremendous impact they have on morale, productivity, turnover and exposure to lawsuits.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes