Strategies for Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence continues to be a growing concern in our country and organizations are tasked with how to try to keep their employees safe while they are at work.

While there are certain factors that make a workplace more vulnerable - such as location or time of day, working with unstable people, cash transactions, working alone or at night, and where alcohol is served - it is important to recognize that any workplace can become unsafe when someone goes over the edge.

In this course, learners will explore the topic of violence in the workplace. They will gain a deeper understanding of what it is, how to prevent it, and what to do if it ever should happen in your workplace. We may never know for sure, but taking one simple action may prevent something tragic from happening.

Your organization's best defense is to be prepared. This training can give your employees the confidence to take certain actions and identify the warning signs that trouble may be brewing, as well as what to do if they should find themselves in an active shooter situation.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes - Employee Version

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes - Supervisor Version