Undo Bias, Act Consciously

We all have deep-rooted ways of thinking based on experiences and past history, which creates Unconscious Biases.

However, it is important that organizations help employees fight against bias in order to create work environments that support and encourage the differences in people. Unconscious bias can influence our work experiences and interactions, from hiring to performance reviews to promotions, as well as organizational culture. Unconscious bias can contribute to differences in the way people treat coworkers and create a less collaborative workplace that is not supportive of open communication and diverse ideas.

Unconscious Bias is a human state that transcends race, religion, gender, class and ethnicity. And even though it is very serious and topical subject, we decided to integrate some comedy clips and insightful games in this training to provide humor as a refreshing gateway to better understanding how our brains work.

Undo Bias, Act Consciously

HRTrain's new course, Undo Bias, Act Consciously will help your employees learn more about themselves and give them an opportunity to gain new perspectives, insights, and have some fun along the way.

The end result will be better teamwork and collaboration to help your organization reach its full potential.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes

This course is also available in Spanish.