What You Need to Know About Workplace Violence

Homicide due to workplace violence is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace and the second leading cause of death for men. This course uses realistic scenarios and a common sense approach to help users understand what constitutes workplace violence. By training employees to understand more about these potentially dangerous situations, you may enable them to help prevent them from occurring.

Employees will learn the various types of workplace violence and their typical causes. By recognizing the differences between the types of workplace violence, employees will learn to make better judgments about how they should act.

What You Need to Know About Workplace Violence emphasizes increased awareness of potentially harmful behavior. The course is designed to educate employees about different types of violence, contributing factors, warning signs and preventive measures. The course is intended to change the way we all think about workplace violence by shifting the emphasis from reactionary approaches to prevention and to reinforce that workplace violence prevention is every employee's responsibility.

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes